Paul Czech


Contact Information:


Science Complex 02-18


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Area(s) of Expertise:

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Selected Publications:

Son, S. Reingold, J. Carpenter, G. Czech, P. Sweigart, D. (2006) Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonding and Other Noncovalent Interactions in the Self-Assembly of the Organometallic Building Block [(η6-hydroquinone)Rh(P(OPh)3)2]+ with a Range of Counteranions. Organometallics.5276-5285.

Reingold, J. Virkaitis, K. Carpenter, G. Sun, S. Sweigart, D. Czech, P. Overly, K. (2005) Chemical and Electrochemical Reduction of Polyarene Manganese Tricarbonyl Cations:  Hapticity Changes and Generation of Syn- and Anti-Facial Bimetallic η4,η6-Naphthalene Complexes. J. Am. Chem. Soc..(127), 11146-11158.

Czech, P. Li, H. Yu, K. Watson, E. D'Acchioli, J. Carpenter, G. Sweigart, D. Overly, K. Coughlin, F. (2002) Models for Deep Hydrodesulfurization of Alkylated Benzothiophenes. Reductive Cleavage of C−S Bonds Mediated by Precoordination of Manganese Tricarbonyl to the Carbocyclic Ring. Organometallics.1262-1270.

Czech, P. Zhang, X. Yu, K. Carpenter, G. Sweigart, D. D'Acchioli, J. (2000) η2-Binding of Styrenes to Pt(PPh3)2. The Effect of Precoordination of Manganese Tricarbonyl Cation to the Aromatic Ring. Organomatallics.1201-1204.