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Summer Research: Government and Corporate Internships

Government Internships

  • The Department of Energy has a Scholars Program for summer students or recent graduates. Deadline is 31 January.

The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Summer Scholars program

The Society of Chemical Industry offers the SCI Summer Scholars program, which is designed to introduce chemistry and chemical engineering students to careers in chemical industry.  The stipend is in the $6000-$10,000 range for a 10-week internship. You must be a rising junior or senior and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and be a chemistry or chemical engineering major.

Corporate Internships

  • Argonne National Laboratories has a summer program with research projects available in physical and life sciences, math, computer science and engineering.  They also have applied programs in coal, conservation, environmental impact and technology, and fission and fusion technology.
  • AstraZeneca has summer internship opportunities, many in Waltham as well as Delaware. Click here for a list.  The list is posted in December/January; application deadline is 1 April.
  • Genentech has summer internships; click here to visit their web site.
  • Merck has a summer internship program. There are several PC graduates who currently work at Merck who welcome PC students as summer interns.
  • AT&T
  • is an internship search engine that you can use to search for over 200,000 positions at over 2600 industries and hospitals.
  • Click on any of the Employment links on the left hand side of this page. Many companies hire interns for the summer; you can contact the Human Resources Department of these companies to inquire about summer opportunities for undergraduates.
  • Check the American Chemical Society web page for lists of summer internships.