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Employment: Job opportunities in chemistry

Internet Resources: Chemistry

Much of the information presented here was gathered from an article entitled “Career Planning Resources” by D. Slade, published in the November 2, 1998 issue of Chemical and Engineering News, pp. 57-59. The article is available in Phillips Library.

American Chemical Society’s Chem Center has links to open positions at ACS headquarters and links to ACS Career Services.

Science’s “Next Wave” is a weekly online publication that covers scientific training, career development, and the science job market. Access to job listings is free, but articles are accessible with a subscription only.

The National Academy of Sciences has career links to employment, internships, fellowships and post-docs, and career guides.

Medzilla allows job seekers to post as well as update their resumes for employers to review.  It also features searchable job listing and a list of Internet links.

The Scientific Career Transitions Program offers career counseling to scientists, but it is not cheap!