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Graduate School Programs

On-line Resources

Graduate School Rankings by Field

US News and World Report

Selected Articles on Graduate School

The US News and World Report site has links to quite a few articles on issues related to graduate school.

Printed Resources

“Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond” published by the National Academy of Sciences for a modest price.

“Planning for Graduate Work in Chemistry” published by the American Chemical Society.  To obtain a  printed copy, contact the Secretary on the Committee on Professional Training at

“What if Four Years of College Aren’t Enough?” by David Moss and Kathleen Cornely (1995), Journal of Chemical Education, 72, pp. 990-992.

“The Surprises of Graduate School” by D. Sawyer (1991) Journal of Chemical Education, 68, pp. 211-214.

“Is a PhD in Chemistry Worth the Effort?” by C. E. Meloan (1993) Journal of Chemical Education, 70, p. 469.

Graduate School Fellowships

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has five-year fellowships for students pursuing doctoral degrees in the biological sciences.

Graduate Programs

University of Connecticut has a two-year masters program in synthetic organic chemistry in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. The first year is supported by a teaching fellowship, the second by a research assistantship.

Helpful Advice

The faculty at MIT have compiled a useful web site that offers advice for students considering graduate school in chemistry.

Post-Bac programs

Not ready for graduate school? Consider a post-bac program

The Mayo Clinic runs a post-bac program, for more information, click here.

Information about the NIH post-bac program is available from the NIH web site.